We are experts at identifying underperforming real estate ripe for strategic intervention. We have a keen eye for opportunity and the skills and resources to renovate and reposition properties.

Our success starts with a deep understanding of the market and a desire to aggressively identify and pursue well-timed opportunities. We research and develop a detailed prospectus. Before negotiations begin, we already know the investment required to improve the property and the projected financial return. With this in-depth information and strategic intelligence, we can facilitate quick, pragmatic decisions.

Because of our strong relationships with financial institutions and equity providers, we are in a position to create a variety of capital structures to accommodate quick closings.

For more information about our approach to acquisitions or to discuss investment opportunities, please contact Avi Banker (ext. 17) or Ari Shulman (ext. 11) at 847.675.8700.

Our interest :




Multi-family residential

Manufactured housing communities

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